Ronaldo again father after the twin child!


Speech was spread before the Confederations Cup began Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo pulled the beard on Thursday. He brought his twin children to the front. The news has been named after both Mateo and Eva. Ce Seven was released on the social media by taking pictures of two children.

Why did not he come to penalty penalty against Chile? The question began to rise after Chile’s defeat to Chile in the semi-finals. But after the match, CR Seven refuses to think about this. Coach Santos and the Portuguese Football Federation agreed with the approval of the president of the United States. Where two born twins were born through Sarogesi. After this, the post of the Real Superstar post with two children in the social media. Writing with, ‘There is great pleasure in bringing the new two love of my life together. “He also explained that he should be criticized for not being penalized or Spain should be charged with tax evasion or speculation without real, now the most important of him is Eva and Mateo.

Meanwhile, the news is being heard, Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez or the five-month pregnancy. Real star is going to be the fourth child of October in October. However, Ronaldo or his family or agent did not comment on this. Today, six-year-old Christian Cristiano Jr. is also the mother of twins. Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he was the first to become a father on Facebook in 2010 and on Facebook. Cristiano Junior’s mother? That’s not yet confirmed but CR Seven Said, tell the mother about the identity of the mother only in the future. Although the debate continued yet. A few days ago, the news spread to Ronaldo’s twin children in the Portuguese media. Which is also controversial. Finally, the photo of the two children posted the controversial CR Seven. But the mother of these two? But the question is arising in many circles

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